UL&H CC Privacy Policy

How we obtain and use personal information
We keep a list of contact details which may include physical addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of residents in the Upper Liddesdale & Hermitage Community Council (UL&H CC) area and others with an interest in this area. This is stored electronically as a Google account Contacts list. We obtain this information by personal request. The information is used to send information about UL&H CC meetings, other UL&H CC matters and other information that is deemed pertinent.

The Resilience Group, as formed by the UL&H CC, will keep up to three paper files with the names, contact information and other information as is deemed necessary to determine the resilience vulnerability of individual members of the community. This is to maximise the efficiency of the Resilience Group in responding to different resilience stress situations (power cuts, flooding, etc.) and allocate resources to those most at need in the community. This information is acquired by questionnaire which can be either online or in paper form, which will be renewed annually so that the information is up to date.

Sharing information
No information about any person is shared without their explicit written permission, or as required by a legally obtained warrant, or as deemed necessary for a person's safety.

How long do we keep data
The names, email addresses, physical addresses and phone numbers acquired and used for general communications are kept as long as possible unless an individual or organisation asks us to remove the data pertaining to them.

Names, addresses and other data obtained via the Resilience Group questionnaire will be stored in paper form for a period of one year after which it will be destroyed. Once the information has been printed and a paper version created, electronic data acquired via the online questionnaire will be permanently deleted.

The contact information held for the purposes of general communications is held on a Google account Contacts list. Access to the UL&H CC Google account requires a password. This password is known to UL&H CC Community Councillors, and is changed if the Community Council loses any current members.

The information kept in paper files by the Resilience Group will be stored in locked cabinets to which only they have access.

Cookies and use of our website
There are no cookies on the UL&H CC website and no information is stored about any browser visits to the website.

Accuracy of personal information
The information we keep on an individual is presumed to be accurate as it comes directly from the person concerned.

Contact us
For any requests to erase, correct, or restrict how we use personal data, or find out what data we hold, please email: ulhcommunitycouncil@gmail.com or write to: Upper Liddesdale & Hermitage Community Council, Hermitage Hall, Hawick, TD9 0LX.

This policy will be kept under regular review. This policy was last updated on 27 May 2022.